Weekend Getaways

Funtasia Fun Park

Fairmont Hot Springs, BC, Canada

Episode 12


If you’re looking for some family friendly fun Funtasia is just the place. Funtasia Fun Park gives you the opportunity to create magical moments of joy and connectedness with those you're with and with nature through play, laughter, excitement and relaxation. It sounds like a lot and you’re asking us, “how can they have all that at one place?” We get it, but they have it all. It’s hard to not have a great time with all the animals, the mini golf, the spinny cars, the labyrinth and they have food too. Seriously, they have it all and have been doing it for decades. It is completely family friendly and is appreciated by children, teens, adults and animal lovers alike. Feeding the alpacas and the goats made our Weekend Getaways crew laugh the most. Each of them have such a personality. The green space and colourful displays will enliven your senses and is a refreshing change from the day to day. You can rediscover your inner child, let go for a day, laugh and enjoy it all. All of us at Weekend Getaways know why people keep coming back to Funtasia Fun Park after our visit. We will too.

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Fantasia Fun Park

Fairmont Hot Springs, BC, Canada

PH 250-345-4511 / Website